Technology & Venture Capital

Egan Nelson (E/N) has established its reputation as the top national boutique law firm for emerging tech companies; a credible lean alternative for top-tier clients dissatisfied with conventional tech “BigLaw.” Our Technology & Venture Capital group attorneys have collectively represented, from formation through exit, hundreds of market-leading entrepreneurs, startups, and growth-stage technology companies on billions of dollars in transactions in a diverse variety of industries; and with an emphasis on emerging tech ecosystems where capital efficiency is the norm.

Highly Experienced and Accessible. 

Technology companies that enter the E/N platform receive access to the full spectrum of experienced corporate counsel: from dedicated, responsive early-stage focused attorneys to late-stage M&A partners who’ve managed high-stakes transactions as partners at the country’s leading large firms. Our unique approach to emerging tech law ensures that our elite group of startup and growth-stage clients work directly with senior-level attorneys as their main legal contacts, without competing with IPOs and billion-dollar deals for their attorney’s attention.

Emerging tech clients choose Egan Nelson because they need top-tier, partner-level counsel for high-impact strategic issues, and can’t wait days for that counsel to respond to e-mails.

Trusted and High-Caliber for High-Stakes.

E/N is not a conventional boutique firm built by mid-level attorneys to handle low-stakes, commoditized work. The firm is founded by partners who served as partners and senior attorneys at top-tier traditional firms in the country’s largest technology ecosystems. Clients trust Egan Nelson with their most high-stakes transactions, knowing that high-caliber, true partner-level attorneys are the foundation of the firm.

With an emphasis on company-side representation, and a strict policy with respect to conflicts of interest, first-time entrepreneurs regularly trust us to navigate complex, high-stakes corporate governance and financing matters across from sophisticated institutional investors.

Lean, Flexible, and Scalable

Our integration of leading-edge technology, a lower overhead platform, and a broad international network of senior-level specialist attorneys ensures the delivery of efficient, flexible legal counsel that is scaled and tailored appropriately to each client; and without the unnecessary costs found in firms structured exclusively for very high-growth companies.

The Egan Nelson specialist attorney network, curated over the decades of collective experience of our attorneys, connects clients to every legal specialty needed in their business cycle: from employment, tax, and immigration law, to patents and trademarks, to niche specialties like open source and data privacy. Because we’ve rejected the “one stop shop” model, we’re able to impartially connect clients with attorneys that are the best fit for their needs and budget, whether it be at a large firm, boutique, or solo practice.

From formation and seed financing, through high-stakes partnerships and exit transactions, E/N’s flexible, scalable model has redefined top-tier “full service” law in the emerging technology space through the delivery of world class counsel with lower overhead, but not lower standards.

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