Intellectual Property

The Egan Nelson Intellectual Property group helps companies of all sizes capitalize on their intellectual property investments and protect and exploit their proprietary rights.  We provide strategic counseling for domestic and international protection, enforcement, acquisition, licensing and commercialization of all types of intellectual property.


E/N helps clients secure trademark and trade dress registrations for their company names, products, slogans, logos and designs. From startups selecting their first trademarks to household brands growing international portfolios, we provide a pragmatic, business-focused perspective on trademark rights and brand protection. Our team helps clients develop a portfolio of recognizable yet protectable brands by monitoring for potential infringement and enforcing your rights against competitors.


Our patent attorneys have significant experience prosecuting foreign and domestic patents in diverse technology areas, including medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceutical compositions and methods of treatment, software, electrical components, and mechanical devices. We focus on ensuring patent protection is the most efficient option and value-add based on the patent landscape and goals of your business. We also help clients determine if their products may be infringing and negotiate licenses to resolve any potential pitfalls.  Working with our network of foreign associates, we ensure that IP and patent protection is available on a worldwide basis.


Our team works closely with clients to provide best practices and internal policies for the evaluation and protection of trade secrets. We strategize with our clients to determine which components of their intellectual property to maintain as a trade secret to establish an intellectual property portfolio with the longest duration of protection of their innovation.  We also ensure that appropriate trade secret polices are in place so that employees and potential investors understand that your proprietary information should remain a valuable asset of your company.


E/N advises clients on the protection of their original works, whether in the form or software, art, video, content, music, or other copyrighted material through copyright registration and enforces your copyrights against third-party infringers.  We routinely counsel clients on appropriate strategies to ensure that their copyrights add value to the company.


In addition to protection and enforcement, E/N’s IP lawyers conduct intellectual property diligence for mergers and acquisitions and negotiate technology and intellectual property transactions, including technology transfer and licensing arrangements and research and development activities, among other commercial technology transactions.

We use modern legal technology and a low-overhead platform to deliver world class, accessible IP counsel that is right-sized for early-stage and middle-market companies but robust enough to handle the portfolios of global portfolios.